A simple uninstall and reinstall of BetterSnipper will allow use of the same ProductKey. If you rebuild your machine or upgrade the operating system the ProductKey could potentially become invalid. I’m working on a system to allow users to request a new ProductKey in that case. If you run into this situation before I’ve implemented it, send me and email and I’ll get you back up and running.

Due to the nature of the licensing, the impossibility to invalidate a license that has been generated, refunds aren’t possible. This is the reason I only allow purchasing BetterSnipper after downloading and fully trying it out on your PC.

The “one-click” upload integration with Facebook is now working. Support for other websites is currently in progress. You can easily Drag-and-Drop the images out of BetterSnipper into those websites which will speed up the process of adding the images.

Please let me know which websites you would use BetterSnipper with so I can prioritize adding support for them.

The BetterSnipper licenses are bound by the honor system. If you are using the BetterSnipper directly for a commercial purpose, you should feel obligated to select the commercial license. If you are personally purchasing the BetterSnipper to help you be more productive at work, I understand selecting the Standard license.